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    Screws are a "mass product", not a handicraft. In mass production, we will achieve high precision, stable quality and popular price to supply consumers.

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    Bolts are mechanical parts and are cylindrical threaded fasteners with nuts.

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    are used to protect the surface of the connected parts from scratches by the nut and to disperse the pressure of the nut on the connected parts. We have a variety of washers for you to choose from.

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    Nuts are parts that are screwed together with bolts or screws for fastening. All production machinery must use a component. According to different materials, it is divided into carbon steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, etc.


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  • 20+ Years of Fastene Production Experience.
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  • 20+ Years of Fastene Production Experience.

    20+ Years of Fastene Production Experience.

  • Rich export experience to 128 countries.

    Rich export experience to 128 countries.

  • 24 hours prompt customer service

    24 hours prompt customer service

Our Blog

  • How to use drywall screws?

    1. The head should be round (this is also the common standard of all round head screws). Because of production process problems, the head of drywall nails produced by many manufacturers may not be very round, and some may even be slightly square. The problem is that it doesn’t fit perfectly...

  • Drywall screws factory

    Why you should use drywall screw?

    First, drywall screws have a wide range of use, basically can be used in all materials, unlike the thumbtack, tack and other nails have obvious restrictions on the use of dry wall nails in this respect can bring you more effective applicability is the use of dry wall nails, so its number of natur...

  • What is the meaning of standard fasteners?

    Standardized mechanical parts for fastening joints. Standard fasteners mainly include bolts, studs, screws, setting screws, nuts, washers and rivets. There are many structural types of bolts with hexagonal heads. For bolts subjected to impact, vibration or variable load, the rod part is made into...

  • Do you know what is hose clamp?

    Hose clamp means an ideal attachment fastener for various types of water, oil, steam, dust, etc. that are widely used in automobiles, tractors, forklifts, locomotives, ships, mines, petroleum, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, etc. Laryngeal hoops are relatively small and of very little va...

  • How much do you know about copper gasket?

    The manufacturing process of copper gasket mainly includes stamping, cutting and drawing. Stamping is the most commonly used manufacturing process, which can be stamped into different shapes of gaskets through a die. Cutting is to cut the copper sheet into the desired size of the gasket. Stretchi...

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