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    Screws are a "mass product", not a handicraft. In mass production, we will achieve high precision, stable quality and popular price to supply consumers.

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    Bolts are mechanical parts and are cylindrical threaded fasteners with nuts.

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    are used to protect the surface of the connected parts from scratches by the nut and to disperse the pressure of the nut on the connected parts. We have a variety of washers for you to choose from.

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    Nuts are parts that are screwed together with bolts or screws for fastening. All production machinery must use a component. According to different materials, it is divided into carbon steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, etc.


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  • 20+ Years of Fastene Production Experience.
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  • 20+ Years of Fastene Production Experience.

    20+ Years of Fastene Production Experience.

  • Rich export experience to 128 countries.

    Rich export experience to 128 countries.

  • 24 hours prompt customer service

    24 hours prompt customer service

Our Blog

  • How to choose drywall screws correctly?

    Drywall screws, usually made of metal, are used to support heavy objects such as picture frames, tapestries, furniture, etc. Choosing drywall screws correctly can ensure the stability and safety of home decoration, avoiding accidental falling or tilting. In terms of selection, the following point...

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    What should we do if the drill tail screw rusts?

    Rust is a chemical reaction that produces iron oxides, commonly known as rust, when metals come into contact with substances such as oxygen and water. The material of drill tail screws is mostly iron or steel, so when they are exposed to air for a long time, especially in humid environments, they...

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    Do you Know the Specific steps for disassembling metal lock nuts?

    1. Prepare tools: You need to prepare a suitable sized wrench or wrench socket, as well as other tools that may be needed, such as a rubber hammer or hammer. 2. Loosen the nut: Use a wrench or wrench socket to turn the nut counterclockwise. Due to the fact that metal lock nuts are usually relativ...

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    Do you know Surface treatment methods for fiberboard nails?

    Fiberboard nails are a common building material commonly used in furniture, decoration, and construction. However, due to the poor surface quality of fiberboard nails, surface treatment is required. Below, we will introduce some common surface treatment methods for fiberboard nails. 1. Spray pain...

  • R-C

    Do you know the Selection criteria for drilling screws?

    Drill tail screws are an indispensable part of modern industry and are widely used in fields such as architecture, furniture, and electrical appliances. However, different application scenarios require different types and specifications of drilling screws, so selecting the appropriate drilling sc...

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