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    Screws are a "mass product", not a handicraft. In mass production, we will achieve high precision, stable quality and popular price to supply consumers.

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    Bolts are mechanical parts and are cylindrical threaded fasteners with nuts.

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    are used to protect the surface of the connected parts from scratches by the nut and to disperse the pressure of the nut on the connected parts. We have a variety of washers for you to choose from.

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    Nuts are parts that are screwed together with bolts or screws for fastening. All production machinery must use a component. According to different materials, it is divided into carbon steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, etc.


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  • 20+ Years of Fastene Production Experience.
  • Rich export experience to 128 countries.
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Why Choose Us

  • 20+ Years of Fastene Production Experience.

    20+ Years of Fastene Production Experience.

  • Rich export experience to 128 countries.

    Rich export experience to 128 countries.

  • 24 hours prompt customer service

    24 hours prompt customer service

Our Blog

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    What are the differences between common stainless steel 304 and 316 materials?

    Nowadays, stainless steel is widely used in our lives, ranging from aerospace equipment to pots and pans. Today, we will share the common stainless steel 304 and 316 materials. Differences between 304 and 316 304 and 316 are American standards. 3 represents 300 series steel. The last two digits a...

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    How to choose the surface treatment process of fasteners?

    Almost all fasteners are made of carbon steel and alloy steel, and general fasteners are expected to prevent corrosion. In addition, the coating of surface treatment must adhere firmly. As for surface treatment, people generally pay attention to beauty and corrosion protection, but the main funct...

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    China(UAE) Trade Fair 2022

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    Small screws are intertwined with our lives. Some might deny it, but we use items that contain screws every day. From tiny screws on smartphones to fasteners on airplanes and ships, we enjoy the convenience that screws bring us all the time. Then, it is necessary for us to understand the ins ...

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    The anti-rotation solution solves the untwisting problem

    Ives Dekeyser provides an overview of the latest developments in mechanical fasteners, in particular anti-rotation solutions for demanding applications. The Tubtara rivet nut is a mechanical fastener designed to securely hold threads in sheets or profiles and has been manufactured by Dejond since...

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